A Stone's Throw (Dissertation)

Dissertation Title: The Feasibility and Preliminary Design of a Fixed Link for the Isle of Bute.  

I chose this project as I grew up on the Isle of Bute and a fixed link is something I was eager to investigate.  I knew that the island had been facing issues with depopulation and economic downturn for the past few years, meaning the local council have been looking into solutions to counter the decline.  In 2001, Scott Wilson (now AECOM) conducted a fixed link feasibility study for the island, however no further work or recent study had been conducted.  This project was highly rewarding for me due to my personal connection to the area and it allowed me to study some of my favourite designers.

Three months before I completed my dissertation, the local council released an economic report for the Argyll and Bute area that stated a fixed link should be given 'serious consideration.'  Thus, a fixed link is a current topic and frequently mentioned within the community.  The local newspaper published an overview of my dissertation and this article can also be found online:


Extracts from dissertation:

6.1 Concept – A Stone’s Throw

The author has a personal history with the site. The sentimental connection to hischildhood hometown has inspired a concept for the design. When waiting for the ferryas a child, the author often skimmed stones on the shore. There is also a commoncomment amongst locals that ‘the crossing is so short, you could throw a stone across’or ‘it’s a stone’s throw away.’ Therefore, the bridge must reflect the path of askimming stone starting on the land and bouncing to the other side.

The use of this motif should develop an expressive structure, a bridge with characterand a story. 

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