Crinkle Crankle

An interpretation of a crinkle crankle wall, documented through video and sound

A collaboration between hansklammer & Ross Mackenzie as part of Architecture Fringe 2021 - (UN)Learning

Crinkle Crankle is a project that explores design-by-making as a method for better cross-discipline collaboration and highlights traditional sustainable design methods; documenting them, and the process, through installation, film, music and performance. The project re-approached the conceptual design process and design strategies that are typically relied upon, by getting hands-on and experimenting to conceptualise and produce an installation using the Kenoteq K-briqs. The structure, process, and the K-briqs themselves were then used as generative elements for a musical score, representing and documenting the build.

For the Archifringe, the film was screened followed by a Q&A with hansklammer & Ross Mackenzie. Read more about the project and watch the film using links below:

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